Tricks and Tips for Seeing this Great Land via Road Trip

One of many American dreams is to hit the dusty highways and get to know this little plot of Earth we call “home.” Most Americans have visited alarmingly little of this country and that’s too bad: So many little nuances of this land which every American should expose himself and herself too before it’s past too far, there’s a great deal to see and so much to perform. And we’re not talking about one of those retirement bus trips where you get on board and see the country even though the bus windows and as a horde of sheep being shepherded by border collies through the gift shop. No – it’s time to use to the highways and see the nation. Here are some tips to doing this.

Couch Surfing


Any fool can roll in to a township and locate a motel or even a B&B. You may think you’re saving money and maintaining comfort, but one of the best approaches to see the land is to make friends with individuals who actually live there. Or do an Air B&B where the residents are resident, then you’ll have a chance to make actual personal connections with the people in this town you are in, if you are using a crowd sourcing lodging site like Couch Surfing. At the very least you can talk to someone local, and also at best you will have a new friend to show you every one of the spots which are actually worth seeing as opposed to what some website lets you know.

Get a Comfortable Road Tested Car


Your means of road tripping is of the utmost importance too. You don’t want to be in something which has a chance of deteriorating, so if you want a new car, go ahead and grab yourself one ahead of the big road trip. At a place like Valencia Nissan you can get a good second hand car or even a large amount on a new car. We recommend getting something low miles which is a few model years old so you’ll know it’s able to hit the pavement. Make certain it has cold and nice A/C for the long run throughout the 10 in New Arizona and Mexico! Glance at the road tripping options you may have here at

Always Bring Snacks and Water


An issue that adds up quick is stopping several times a day for snacks and water. You’ll have to get a nice water bottle that you can fill and reuse it up on the soda fountains across the land. If you’re in a place that doesn’t have that, most Subways actually have that feature, most rest stops have a soda fountain with all the water tab, and. And snacks tally up too, so don’t miss the opportunity to visit a CostCo or store like that and maintain stocks of all the trail mixes and beef jerky you’ll need for those final hours of the long term. Nothing creates a long haul longer quite like stopping for a snack every hour or so.