2004 Acura NSX – Red Sky At Night


Behold: NSX number 58 from production year 2004. It’s been repeatedly shipped in one side of the nation to the other, had a gamut of NSX-R upgrades from Nippon installed, was gently stroked to climax, and then outfitted with one sinister supercharger to take the boost. But that’s progress for you personally. From a simple start with Civics to an all-out RSX, this car’s owner has finally found his place. This whole build began with an overpriced Nissan. That is certainly but I am going too much back in history now; what you as the reader need to know.

On the tender era of 25, Sky Nguyen was ready for the new project car. He was in search of a career car, the one that would always look timeless irrespective of what the chassis’ age might be. The R35 Skyline had just made its debut in the U.S., and its mix of extreme power and all-wheel-drive handling made it an apparent choice. The price tag became apparent, though right after a spirited test drive, Sky was ready to sign. This is way more than Sky was willing to pay, so he opted to find a substitute until the R35’s value went down. Dealer after dealer was visited, and every time Sky left thoroughly disappointed by what he had found (or didn’t find) from the R35’s competition. But Sky still had toon the showroom floor was a red 2004 NSX, and it was lust in the beginning sight. A concise test drive proved the NSX’s handling met Sky’s expectations, but when his foot hit the throttle there seemed to be a lot of muscle missing through the equation. While this certainly was a conundrum, desire eventually won him over, and the man opted to buy the car. But that R35 still beckoned in the back of his mind, so he left the dealership with the full intention of selling his NSX in a few years to obtain that other supercar.

The second Sky brought the NSX home, he hopped online to study on his new toy. He became part of nsxprime.com where he learned as much as he could about the chassis. After month or two of driving the car, he came to an appealing realization: His NSX gave him a degree of connectivity towards the asphalt that he had never experienced before. It made him seem like the car and then he were one, and he could always predict its characteristics no matter what was going on outside. It is at this particular reason for the story that Sky chosen to tell the R35 good riddance.

03 2004 acura NSX headlight

04 2004 acura NSX JDM NSX R gauge cluster

05 2004 acura NSX downforce carbon hood duct

He opted to construct his NSX to cope with the Skyline. He planned to turn both the-seater into a true supercar, not simply something that looked like one. So, he acquired a supercharger from Science of Speed after finding that it offered better power gains over the Comptech unit Acura was offering at the time. Word on the web had pointed him to Source 1 Automotive in Cincinnati, Ohio; so he shipped his NSX off and away to the shop’s owner, Brian Urlage, for the install. They installed the supercharger, gave it a tune, and suddenly this beautiful NSX was making 385 hp at the rear wheels.

But after some driving time, Sky realized that 385 whp could never outpower an R35. The NSX was able to a lot more, and then he knew it needed a larger, fully built motor. Driving Ambition away fromSacramento and California, had come highly recommended on nsxprime.com, and after a number of conversations with the shop’s owner, Shad Huntley, he opted to ship off his NSX…again.

Building a motor for something as expensive as an NSX means you don’t desire to make any mistakes, so Shad convinced Sky to go with a 3.5L Comptech stroker kit, which proved to be far safer once paired with higher boost. Shad also fully built the top and bottom end in the engine and modded the supercharger to work 15 psi safely. After four long months inside the shop, the engine was finally finished and was safely pushing 555 whp.

With the NSX’s power issues successfully addressed, Sky now wanted to update the look of his NSX. So, he shipped the car straight back to Source 1 Automotive for that finishing touch, beginning with a set of custom Volk CE28s and a Stoptech big brake kit. Considering that the car is primarily street driven, KW V3 coilovers were installed, along with a beefier NSX Type R front sway bar. To finish off of the footwork, an Umbrella VRH airbag setup was installed in the front to supportThrough The Night

Sky planned to keep the smooth OEM contours of the car, so a Super singular Route KS ZAZ front lip and side skirts were sourced from Japan, while the rest of the NSX was made to look as near the NSX-R as you can. Downforce was really a natural choice, and most of the company’s carbon NSX-R offerings were installed, including a hood, hoodduct and spoiler, rear valance, engine hatch duct garnish, and license plate garnish. JDM NSX-R exterior badges, doorsill badges, and custom LED fog- and taillights were installed. Interior upgrades consisted of a genuine NSX-R steering wheel, shift knob, seats, shift boot, gauge cluster, as well as a super-exotic JDM NSX navigation pod.

In the end is done and said, this NSX is just astounding. It has power interior, mods and exterior additions, and has undergone several bouts of surgery. It performs like no other, forever looks the better, and contains single-handedly destroyed one man’s dreams of owning an R35. There were no corners cut during its transmutation, which is now what exactly its owner wanted to begin with: a supercar.