2004 Acura NSX – Red Sky At Night


Behold: NSX number 58 from production year 2004. It’s been repeatedly shipped in one side of the nation to the other, had a gamut of NSX-R upgrades from Nippon installed, was gently stroked to climax, and then outfitted with one sinister supercharger to take the boost. But that’s progress for you personally. From a simple start with Civics to an all-out RSX, this car’s owner has finally found his place. This whole build began with an overpriced Nissan. That is certainly but I am going too much back in history now; what you as the reader need to know.

On the tender era of 25, Sky Nguyen was ready for the new project car. He was in search of a career car, the one that would always look timeless irrespective of what the chassis’ age might be. The R35 Skyline had just made its debut in the U.S., and its mix of extreme power and all-wheel-drive handling made it an apparent choice. The price tag became apparent, though right after a spirited test drive, Sky was ready to sign. This is way more than Sky was willing to pay, so he opted to find a substitute until the R35’s value went down. Dealer after dealer was visited, and every time Sky left thoroughly disappointed by what he had found (or didn’t find) from the R35’s competition. But Sky still had toon the showroom floor was a red 2004 NSX, and it was lust in the beginning sight. A concise test drive proved the NSX’s handling met Sky’s expectations, but when his foot hit the throttle there seemed to be a lot of muscle missing through the equation. While this certainly was a conundrum, desire eventually won him over, and the man opted to buy the car. But that R35 still beckoned in the back of his mind, so he left the dealership with the full intention of selling his NSX in a few years to obtain that other supercar.

The second Sky brought the NSX home, he hopped online to study on his new toy. He became part of nsxprime.com where he learned as much as he could about the chassis. After month or two of driving the car, he came to an appealing realization: His NSX gave him a degree of connectivity towards the asphalt that he had never experienced before. It made him seem like the car and then he were one, and he could always predict its characteristics no matter what was going on outside. It is at this particular reason for the story that Sky chosen to tell the R35 good riddance.

03 2004 acura NSX headlight

04 2004 acura NSX JDM NSX R gauge cluster

05 2004 acura NSX downforce carbon hood duct

He opted to construct his NSX to cope with the Skyline. He planned to turn both the-seater into a true supercar, not simply something that looked like one. So, he acquired a supercharger from Science of Speed after finding that it offered better power gains over the Comptech unit Acura was offering at the time. Word on the web had pointed him to Source 1 Automotive in Cincinnati, Ohio; so he shipped his NSX off and away to the shop’s owner, Brian Urlage, for the install. They installed the supercharger, gave it a tune, and suddenly this beautiful NSX was making 385 hp at the rear wheels.

But after some driving time, Sky realized that 385 whp could never outpower an R35. The NSX was able to a lot more, and then he knew it needed a larger, fully built motor. Driving Ambition away fromSacramento and California, had come highly recommended on nsxprime.com, and after a number of conversations with the shop’s owner, Shad Huntley, he opted to ship off his NSX…again.

Building a motor for something as expensive as an NSX means you don’t desire to make any mistakes, so Shad convinced Sky to go with a 3.5L Comptech stroker kit, which proved to be far safer once paired with higher boost. Shad also fully built the top and bottom end in the engine and modded the supercharger to work 15 psi safely. After four long months inside the shop, the engine was finally finished and was safely pushing 555 whp.

With the NSX’s power issues successfully addressed, Sky now wanted to update the look of his NSX. So, he shipped the car straight back to Source 1 Automotive for that finishing touch, beginning with a set of custom Volk CE28s and a Stoptech big brake kit. Considering that the car is primarily street driven, KW V3 coilovers were installed, along with a beefier NSX Type R front sway bar. To finish off of the footwork, an Umbrella VRH airbag setup was installed in the front to supportThrough The Night

Sky planned to keep the smooth OEM contours of the car, so a Super singular Route KS ZAZ front lip and side skirts were sourced from Japan, while the rest of the NSX was made to look as near the NSX-R as you can. Downforce was really a natural choice, and most of the company’s carbon NSX-R offerings were installed, including a hood, hoodduct and spoiler, rear valance, engine hatch duct garnish, and license plate garnish. JDM NSX-R exterior badges, doorsill badges, and custom LED fog- and taillights were installed. Interior upgrades consisted of a genuine NSX-R steering wheel, shift knob, seats, shift boot, gauge cluster, as well as a super-exotic JDM NSX navigation pod.

In the end is done and said, this NSX is just astounding. It has power interior, mods and exterior additions, and has undergone several bouts of surgery. It performs like no other, forever looks the better, and contains single-handedly destroyed one man’s dreams of owning an R35. There were no corners cut during its transmutation, which is now what exactly its owner wanted to begin with: a supercar.

Tricks and Tips for Seeing this Great Land via Road Trip

One of many American dreams is to hit the dusty highways and get to know this little plot of Earth we call “home.” Most Americans have visited alarmingly little of this country and that’s too bad: So many little nuances of this land which every American should expose himself and herself too before it’s past too far, there’s a great deal to see and so much to perform. And we’re not talking about one of those retirement bus trips where you get on board and see the country even though the bus windows and as a horde of sheep being shepherded by border collies through the gift shop. No – it’s time to use to the highways and see the nation. Here are some tips to doing this.

Couch Surfing


Any fool can roll in to a township and locate a motel or even a B&B. You may think you’re saving money and maintaining comfort, but one of the best approaches to see the land is to make friends with individuals who actually live there. Or do an Air B&B where the residents are resident, then you’ll have a chance to make actual personal connections with the people in this town you are in, if you are using a crowd sourcing lodging site like Couch Surfing. At the very least you can talk to someone local, and also at best you will have a new friend to show you every one of the spots which are actually worth seeing as opposed to what some website lets you know.

Get a Comfortable Road Tested Car


Your means of road tripping is of the utmost importance too. You don’t want to be in something which has a chance of deteriorating, so if you want a new car, go ahead and grab yourself one ahead of the big road trip. At a place like Valencia Nissan you can get a good second hand car or even a large amount on a new car. We recommend getting something low miles which is a few model years old so you’ll know it’s able to hit the pavement. Make certain it has cold and nice A/C for the long run throughout the 10 in New Arizona and Mexico! Glance at the road tripping options you may have here at www.downtownnissan.com.

Always Bring Snacks and Water


An issue that adds up quick is stopping several times a day for snacks and water. You’ll have to get a nice water bottle that you can fill and reuse it up on the soda fountains across the land. If you’re in a place that doesn’t have that, most Subways actually have that feature, most rest stops have a soda fountain with all the water tab, and. And snacks tally up too, so don’t miss the opportunity to visit a CostCo or store like that and maintain stocks of all the trail mixes and beef jerky you’ll need for those final hours of the long term. Nothing creates a long haul longer quite like stopping for a snack every hour or so.

2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII (CT9A) – Into the Night


When it comes to building cars, we often draw inspiration from a variety of sources. These days the most common form of inspiration comes from what we see on the Internet. The web has provided us with an outlet to see how others are building their vehicles worldwide, and thanks to online commerce you can get virtually any part you seek. Another form of inspiration comes from the people around you and your fellow automotive enthusiasts. Car meets and shows, as well as local track days, provide a variety of different cars that you may draw inspiration from. Some guys are lucky enough to have parents who were car enthusiasts as well; their love for cars flows in their blood. There is something that is just so undeniably cool about having a parent who you can share a mutual interest in cars with.

Don Gozum has been a car guy as long as he can remember and he attributes that to his father’s love of automobiles. His dad spent his earlier years modifying a ’79 Toyota Corolla, and Don has very vivid memories of watching his dad enjoy his hobby. The Gozum family line bled motor and gasolineYou have most likely heard of the Cyber Evo if you’ve been into modified imports for any length of time. Even guys who don’t follow circuit motorsports closely know of the Eiji Tarzan Yamada-piloted beast. There is perhaps no other enthusiast on the planet that was more obsessed with the Cyber machine, even though the two-time World Time Attack Champion is a marvelous piece of machinery that many often look up to.

My ultimate goal with this build was to basically create the street version of the Cyber Evo. The only problem with that plan was that there were some parts from that car that were made exclusively for it. Getting a hold of those parts was basically impossible, Don says.

The first step in creating his rendition of the Cyber Evo was achieving the visual aggression that it displayed. This was conceivably the easiest portion of the build. Easy, of course, all lies in the wallet of the beholder. Voltex aero is by no means cheap, but it is available to the public. In its most current state, the Cyber Evo no longer wears the Voltex armor, but it did originally serve as the testbed for the kit’s creation.Let’s just say that I was able to acquire some parts that most people couldn’t, even though they had the money to buy them, although i can’t really divulge what those are. They are secrets that I’m just not ready to broadcast to the rest of the world at this time. If you plan on building an Evo worthy of comparison to the original Cyber car, be prepared to spend some money, I’ll tell you one thing though;. I think I could have bought a nice condominium in the city if it weren’t for this project! I have no regrets though, because my Evo VIII is going to be a time capsule type of build. I plan to store the car and enjoy it whenever I get the opportunity. Thirty years from now, it’ll still be in the same condition as it is today.

2007 VW Rabbit – Janie Laporte Boule


We come across well-sorted Mk5 Rabbits every so often. And although most of the tuning world pick the GTI, budget conscious tuners often jump into the Rabbit. So, as soon as the Mk5 Golf reintroduced the Rabbit nameplate at an attractive price point, VW fans flocked to dealerships planning to cash in on the fresh design and spread some modifying love into the new chassis. Janie Laporte Boule from Montreal, Canada was one such customer. Her gleaming red Rabbit is not only an autoby using a Mk3 Golf VR6 turbo had introduced Janie for the VW tuning culture, so she has wanted to prove she had what it took to create a head-turning build. Her approach wouldn’t be flashy but will come down to the specifics.

This 2007 Rabbit was four years in the making. Janie started the majority of us do, purchasing her dream pair of wheels. In this case it was a pair of 17×8 (f) and 17×9 (r) BBS RS with gold bolts.

You’ll know these wheels are some of the most coveted and restored wheels on the market when you know anything about the stance movement. So, saying Janie was away and off to a good start would be an understatement.

04 2007 volkswagen rabbit precision engineering 5454E turbo

03 2007 volkswagen rabbit custom intake manifold

07 2007 volkswagen rabbit air tank

When she attacked the stance, Janie selected a tried and test set-up – Air Lift analog suspension. Gave her the chance to drop the bags when she felt the desire to show off just a little, even though this ensured fewer gremlins would affect daily driving.

Under the hood received as much attention to create the Rabbit perform at its best because Janie had decided the 2.5L motor wouldn’t satisfy her lust for speed. So she turned to GAB Eurosport (gabeurosport.com) in Montreal, who in turn traveled to Precision Turbo (precisionturbo.net) for an upgrade – a 5454E turbo to be exact. Mounted on its new exhaust manifold, and fed by a custom intake manifold, the engine received bigger injectors, C2 Motorsports chip, Forge 004 blow-off valve and ain addition to a pair of Mk5 GTI front seats. The second spread some confusion because looking both inside and outside, so many people are hard pressed to imagine it isn’t a GTI of course.

It’s great to find out women by using a eurotuner state of mind. Even the women we hang out with, although it ensures our passions are not only infecting our male peers and friends. And Janie has built an automobile that anybody would be happy with, regardless of gender.

09 2007 volkswagen rabbit GTI front bumper

05 2007 volkswagen rabbit GTI front bumper

01 2007 volkswagen rabbit GTI side skirts

Tech Spec

2007 VW Rabbit

Janie Laporte Boule

, CanadaQuebec and Montrealside and bumper skirts, black headlight housings, deleted rear wiper


GTI seats

Future plans

Shaved engine bay

Best road trip?

Montreal to Maryland, for H2O – 12 hours of driving to find outswitched offin 5numerous variants could spin off from the SLS AMG? Just three years down the line from its launch, the SLS family has five models to choose from.

The Electrical Drive is its green conscience if the new Black Series will be the Evil Twin. The first and fastest all-electric supercar will go into production in May, hitting European showrooms in July however with a whopping 416,000-euro (about $540,000) price tag.

2014 mercedes benz SLS AMG electric drive status display

2014 mercedes benz SLS AMG electric drive display

2014 mercedes benz SLS AMG electric drive battery meter

Till you acquaint yourself with the terminology of electric cars, the specification could be baffling – battery content of 60kwh and a maximum charging load of 600kw sounds like the specification of your respective local power station as opposed to transportation.

Carry out the math, however, and you discover this battery capacity equates to the same in principle as 738 and 730hp lb-ft to all of four wheels. Thus, despite its hefty 4850 lb curb weight, the Electric Drive launches to 60mph in 3.9sec, just .2sec behind the 563bhp gasoline-powered Mercedes-Benz SLS.

, though it’s its not all blood and guts In Comfort mode, the Electric Drive is fixed to a mere 590hp for city driving, which limits the top speed to 125mph. It extends the range to about 155 miles which is said to be good for most daily driving, however.Of course, we spent much of our time in Sport mode, which selects some other map to the electric steering to sharpen the helm, while torque vectoring is used to sharpen throttle response and agility. Whether braking or accelerating, each electric motor on the individual wheels can alter the car’s handling responses and cornering attitude.

Sport Plus produces the biggest changes to the car. In fact, it’s a paradigm shift, as both the character and performance are altered to this kind of extent that you’re essentially driving another car. The steering response, handling balance and thrust moves significantly above Sport mode and will change your perception of electric cars forever.

Imagine leaving four black lines on dry tarmac, and power sliding through tight bends within an electric car. It’s difficult to fathom. But the eeriest experience was exiting a bend with countersteer dialed-in but without the brutal roar of the V8. Instead, the overwhelming sound filtering from the cabin was of the tortured rubber protesting at the slip angles.

traction and Torque define the SLS Electric Drive experience, while its electronics and 4WD mean its equally at home on the racetrack as any other AMG product.

2014 mercedes benz SLS AMG electric drive driver side front view

2014 mercedes benz SLS AMG electric drive front fascia

2014 mercedes benz SLS AMG electric drive passenger side rear view

Black Series

What about the SLS AMG Black Series if new-tech doesn’t push your buttons? Within both looks and intent, it falls in between the basic SLS and the GT3 racecar that’s been claiming victories from theThis Black Series is a suitcase nuke in the event the regular SLS is dynamite. And it isn’t one of those dubious marketing exercises with a few components of carbon fiber and shiny wheels. Actually, it has 622hp at 7400rpm and 468 lb-ft at 5500rpm. That’s an extra 60hp, and with 154 lb less weight it can blast to 62mph in 3.6sec and on to 196mph.

In which the Electric Drive goes about its business in virtual silence, the Black Series shakes the planet earth it stands on in the instant you press the beginning button. It provides noticeably better throttle thrust and response with the gears than the SLS AMG and requires a rather different approach on the track.

Its set-up is tuned to work with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires, so you need to treat it such as a racecar. What this means is you have to be aggressive but smooth, trail-braking into thethe electrical Black and Drive Series was unintended, and born through the innocent concept of using the Electric Drive as a camera car to shoot the Black Series for a couple fast laps. Yet what transpired was actually a huge surprise: I found the ‘camera car’ simply driving away with its superior torque and traction, without a hint of drama, as I had the Black Series on the limit of adhesion exiting a bend.

At the end of the day, the Electric Drive was truly impressive, but rather too Xbox 360 System. It impresses as an alternative to engages, and appeals to the top rather than the heart.

The SLS Black Series is the polar opposite. It’s the very best drivers’ car AMG has ever made, and is also a drive of heroic proportions, though seldom should i punch the environment after getting out of a car.and large trunk-mounted wing, you know the ‘B’ in Black Series stands for Business.

There aren’t many cars that can accomplish this look, especially when it’s a six-figure piggy-bank destroyer – nevertheless ithands down. Unfortunately, only 800 were produced and each and every is already spoken for. Therefore if you’re drooling for one, you can scour the web based classifieds for any car you seriously have to own.

Despite the trend of special models and cosmetic-only alterations, the C63 is upgraded in every area. It has every intention of matching its looks with brutal power, face-deforming grip, organ-failing brakes as well as a satanic spit from the quad-tipped exhaust. The C63 Black is Germany’s true musclecar.

Over its weaker C63 AMG sibling, the Black gets a 59hp bump (now 510) and 14 lb-ft (now 457). These numbers are enough to rocket the unattainable Coupe to 60mph in 3.7sec. With some wider rear rubber it’d be even quicker, but batshit wheelspin and rev-limiter banging are a necessary part of the experience.

It’s as if the gas pedal is connected straight to your adrenal glands: the noise, the power; it’s a tantalizing battle between sanity and fun, simply to reward you with endless ability. When you behave, whilst you could probably show to a Formula Drift event and stay competitive from the Black Series, we should mention it can grip like Velcro on a wool sweater. This impressive traction is attributed to many things, but as whole, the Black Series was simply made to perform well in just about every area except fuel economy.that comes with adjustable coilover suspension, I dare you. You can laugh at your friend who modified his M3 with aftermarket parts on account of your Black Series came with everything he yearns for. There’s no modification wish list here; the car is everything required. It’s a pitbull, from fenders to tires.

The front side track is all about 1.6 wider, hiding 255/35 R19 tires under 1.1 wider fenders, while the rear has a 3 wider track and 1.6 wide fenders hugging 285/30 R19 tires. Oh, and the brakes… they’re unbelievable. Actually, they’re so good; they feel better than the new SLS GT.

There’s no fade, not really a hint of it. As well as the pedal feel is anywhere between ideal and perfector perhaps open stretch of closed road where one can attempt the 186mph top speed (electronically limited, of course) because the C63 Black Series feels ferocious enough to catapult you into the 200s. Granted, 510hp isn’t all of that much nowadays, but this car uses every inch of every hoof on all 510 horses.

Are you concerned this German beauty is way too intense for road use and strictly geared for the track? Don’t be; it’s still a Benz. The seats are 14-way power adjustable, there are cupholders and rain-sensing wipers, an integrated garage door opener and cruise control. It’s a well-equipped road car with weekend warrior intentions.

If there’s just one car you could own, the answer is now pretty clear, when somebody asks. Sell an organ, tell your wife she needs an old Civic, the kitchen extension is overrated, and consumer credit card debt is awesome. It deserves every letter, even though the C63 AMG Coupe Black Series has a long name.arms and hubyour search is over. BMW revealed its most practical 3 Series ever, and no, it’s not the brand new Wagon. By adding the all-new Gran Turismo on the line-up, bMW has expanded the 3 Series range in every feeling of the word.

Referred to as a more spacious and practical 3 Series, it features aas big as it feels. The 3 GT’s swollen dimensions add gravitas along with awkwardness to the lines. It’s a fastback that looks SUV-lite in its stance.

Best observed in the M Sport trim, it has more aggressive front intakes, larger 19 wheels and a revised rear bumper. Is claimed to smooth turbulent airflow over the front wheels to help economy, though the flanks offer an additional feature line to destroy up what might otherwise be slab sides, as well as the boomerang-shaped ‘breather’ behind the leading wheel isn’t just a visual trick.

Answer to the increased scale is the wheelbase stretch that adds a whopping 4.3 over the sedan, causing rear legroom to rival its big brother, the 7 Series.

The trunk can swallow more than the 3 Series Wagon, even though tapering roofline might be a hindrance. Yet it’s undeniably capacious, and it feels big; the cabin is comparable towith no loss in driving dynamics. At least, that’s what it says publicly. Privately they admitted its extra usefulness brings a softer side however the M Sport version we drove surely could mask it. The 19 wheels, M Sport adaptive suspension and stiffer anti-roll bars managed to get feel decidedly sporty. The vehicle also sat 10mm less than a regular GT, which normally sits 25mm higher than the sedan…

No amount of suspension could disguise the GT’s additional bulk, and the stretched wheelbase slowed its cornering turn-in response. However, the 335i’s familiar N55 3.-litre turbo engine countered our misgivings. The smooth yet ferocious delivery was addictive, and loosening the electronic safety net allowed the rear wheels to assist the fronts find their cornering angle.

It’s best enjoyed as the name suggests – being a grand tourer, although we had been almost surprised that you can drive the GT in extremis. The refinement and extra interior space produces aActive families who are looking for versatility, comfort and performance might choose to consider the GT over several of the crossover competitors, although whether there’s a gap in the marketplace between the 3 Series Wagon and Sedan remains to be seen.

The 3 Series Gran Turismo arrives this season as both a 328i and 335ithe luxurious sedan a rung higher on the automotive ladder. Together with a new face and slightly revised tail, the 2014 E offers cutting-edge security features scheduled for the next generation of S-Class.

Dual cameras positioned near the rearview mirror function in harmony with radar and sound sensors to produce a multi-dimensional image of what’s occurring around the car in a 360? sweep. It might measure the direction and speed of moving objects while assessing the potential risks. The central brain can then apply the brakes or steering to protect yourself fromIf oncoming traffic is sensed, this technology is used on items like Active Lane Keeping, that can gently brake the wheels in one side in the car to come back you to your lane: By moving the steering would apparently spook the driver a lot of, doing so. And there’s the option of full parking assistance that only requires you to identify a space and select gears.

The captain of the nuclear submarine would love this sort of technology. And the great thing is, it never gets drowsy or distracted. In fact, the E-Class can also keep the driver alert with its improved Attention Assist that now works across a wider speed range, using its sensitivity adjusted by the user.

The product range and permutations allow an almost made-to-measure car, even though for the US market, the 2014 E-Class will likely be offered in a choice of Luxury or Sport trim.

Luxury brings a traditional grille and hood ornament; Sport puts a large three-pointed star in the middle of the grille.

In the interests of family resemblance, the previous four-eyed appearance was jettisoned for larger headlights with LED DRL strips. Unfortunately, we won’t see one of several cars neatest updates: The feds are behind the curve on allowing anti-dazzle technology. The Euro-spec headlamps can see vehicle lights and adjust the beam accordingly. So, a driver can stay on high beam, enjoying better visibility, and let the tech do the rest.

In the bright side (excuse the pun), American lights continue to switch to low beam if an oncoming vehicle’s lights are detected. And definately will still illuminate turns together with the steering angle.

The updated E-Class portfolio also sees changes in the engine bay. The entry-level car will be diesel-powered: The 2.-liter, four-cylinder develops 204hp and 369 lb-ft due to a twin-turbo set-up, even though the 2014 E250 Bluetec is rather surprising, given American potential to deal with oil-burners.and also for overtaking. Highway consumption expected to remain the high 30s will remind you in the pumps, even though you might also forget it’s diesel thanks to the quiet cabin.

Gasoline is combusted by the E400. The new engine is a 3.-liter V6, aided by two turbos, offering 333hp and 354 lb-ft. It fits into the E-Class aura of effortless ability but we must hold back until 2014 just for this model.

An exterior revamp is matched by a new-ish interior. Still recognizably Benz-like, just some cleaner lines and an extra air of class courtesy of the center console’s square-faced analog clock.

Since not bothering to read any manual will be the default position for nearly everyone, it could take some time to get an iPhone integrated with the infotainment system. Once that’s done, however, the menus are simple enough to navigate. There’s also the option of a Bang & Olufsen high-end audio system, which happens to be beautifully clear and detailed.

For someone who’s seriously considering an E-Class, there’s really no argument against it. Nobody could cite rear legroom or possibly a miserly trunk as reasons not to buy since they are both generous. Everything it needs to do right, from engineering and aesthetics to performance and protection, it doesCommentsin a rather crowded arena.

Michael Febbo – Apr 2, 2015

European Car cars

2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S Review – First Drive

2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S Review – First Drive

Redefining the usable & comfortable supercar.

Michael Febbo – Mar 17, 2015

European Car cars

Flogging the AWD 354hp Volvo V60 Polestar Wagon – First Drive

Flogging the AWD 354hp Volvo V60 Polestar Wagon – First Drive

A rare opportunity to track the latest 2015 Polestar – only 120 coming to America.

Michael Febbo – Feb 26, 2015

European Car cars

New Audi R8 Prototype – First Drive (Along)

New Audi R8 Prototype – First Drive (Along)

Riding shotgun in the lighter & faster 2nd gen., to hit showrooms later this season.

Ian Kuah – Feb 19, 2015

European Car cars

2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA250 & GLA45 AMG – First Drive Review

2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA250 & GLA45 AMG – First Drive Review

The little Benz with big crossover appeal

Colin Ryan – Feb 18, 2015

European Car cars

2014 Audi TTS S Tronic – First Drive

2014 Audi TTS S Tronic – First Drive

More composed, more agile, and significantly more involving than before.

Kyle Fortune – Feb 10, 2015

European Car cars

2015 Audi S3 Quattro – First Drive

2015 Audi S3 Quattro – First Drive

We’d hate to call the S3 weird, but it’s certainly unique-and that’s one of the things which make it so appealing.

Michael Febbo – Jan 29, 2015

European Car cars

2015 Porsche 918 Spyder – First Drive

2015 Porsche 918 Spyder – First Drive

Hot Lapping Laguna in a Hyper Hybrid

Michael Febbo – Dec 23, 2014

SuperStreetOnline cars

2015 Lexus RC F – First Drive

2015 Lexus RC F – First Drive

We test the all-new 467hp game changing sports coupe

Sam Du – Dec 23, 2014

European Car cars

2015 Volkswagen e-Golf – First Drive

2015 Volkswagen e-Golf – First Drive

VW is heading into the zero-emissions market with this particular all-electric.

Michael Febbo – Dec 9, 2014






European Car

2015 BMW X4 xdrive 28i – Tested

BMW is rolling out its newest specialized entry into a rather crowded arena.

Michael Febbo – Apr 2, 2015

2015 BMW X4 xdrive 28i – Tested

European Car

Audi ur-quattro 35th Anniversary – All-Wheel Anniversary

Checking out how the ur-quattro came to be and how it influenced the design and engineering of so many performance cars

John Rettie – Apr 1, 2015

Audi ur-quattro 35th Anniversary – All-Wheel Anniversary

European Car

LTMW Porsche 997 GT3 – Wider is Better

Yes, it’s a Porsche in Super Street, and yes it’s muh-f*ckin’ badass!

Jofel Tolosa – Mar 30, 2015

LTMW Porsche 997 GT3 – Wider is Better

European Car

JDM EJ207 Swapped Subaru WRX – The Convert

Beautiful bug-eyed ’02 Subie from your bay

Aaron Bonk – Mar 25, 2015

JDM EJ207 Swapped Subaru WRX – The Convert

European Car

430HP AC Schnitzer BMW ACZ4 5 Concept Revealed

Beastly AC Schnitzer BMW ACZ4 5 concept borrows from F10 5-Series and E92 M3

Staff – Mar 17, 2015

430HP AC Schnitzer BMW ACZ4 5 Concept Revealed

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BY MAKE/MODE, SEARCH ARTICLESLswitched offin 5among the busiest seasons I’ve ever endured as a writer and photographer. I got to travel around quite a bit and shoot a fantastic variety of cars, and I even found time to throw in a few personal projects. As the summer drew into a close, I headed to Portland, Oregon, (my hometown) for a friend’s wedding, and also at the last minute, I was asked if I could squeeze inside a feature photo shoot as i was there. I jumped at the opportunity because although I had barely any extra time, I had always wanted the chance to shoot a Portland car on the city streets. And as it turned out, this 240Z shoot on an uncharacteristically hot late-August day was one of the most rewarding I have had the pleasure of executing.

What made everything figure out so well on that day wasn’t necessarily the car, although it is a beautifully built machine. No, what made the shoot so enjoyable was the man who built it. Timothy Desper is not your run-of-the-mill car builder but rather a true grassroots enthusiast along with a strong believer in the strength of hard work. Tim also has a job that is much different from the jobs of someone else I’ve written about through the years at Modified. Tim is director of operations for the Portland Rescue Mission, a nonprofit organization that provides meals and shelter as well as other valuable services towards the homeless. Tim doesn’t make a ton of money, so he didn’t send this car into a shop to be built top to bottom. He doesn’t down again from a challenge, either, while he is a patient and understanding person who has faith in the prospect of change.dealt with] spanning a quarter million individuals through free dinners, helped house thousands of men, and kept the services with the Portland Rescue Mission running for over six years now,” Tim tells me. “I’ve gotten efficient at using a tiny amount of resources and a large amount of passion to help make change happen. I don’t just see potential in old cars, Also i see the great potential inside the men and women I work with in partnering along with them to help build new, totally different lives. After tough days or nights working through the tragedy that is common in the lives of those who live on the streets, focusing on an old car is a good way to redirect my mind and relax.”

Having grown up in Portland myself, I knew that you will discover a very large homeless population from the city. As Tim and that i were driving around finding places to shoot, it seemed like nearly every one of these people we came across knew Tim, and Tim knew them as well, most on the first-name basis. It blew my mind how kind and thoughtful Tim was toward every one of these people, and it really exemplified the importance of the role he plays in these people’s lives. Throughout the day, I had to remind myself that people were here to work, and it also was easy to forget due to how much fun we were having. Tim’s Z is an incredibly cool machine. You know they grab attention wherever they go if you’ve ever spent time around an old Datsun. Many of the people Tim works with and helps every day had not a clue he owned this car, and seeing a grin form around the face of a person who struggles day in and day out just to survive was really cool. Cars use a way of bringing people together, especially a traditional car similar to thisThis particular Z gets even more attention than most because of its bright-blue Laguna Seca Blue paint and black Diamond Racing wheels. Tim has installed a few subtle but very choice exterior mods, including a custom front splitter, a Xenon front valance, JDM ZG fender flares, and a set of vortex generators on the rear roof line. It still maintains a very stocklike feel, even though the body has also been shaved and cleaned up. Tim has done a fantastic job with a resto-mod style about this build; it seems like it may have rolled straight out of the Nissan racing division back in the early ’70s.

The inside of the Z has been upgraded in many aspects, although I noticed that (unsurprisingly, but still to my dismay) there was no air conditioning. As we drove with the upscale shopping district of N.W. 23rd Avenue, the fact that it was easily 120 degrees in the car didn’t bother me much. I used to be sitting in a surprisingly comfortable Corbeau bucket seat, and the ride quality from Tim’s customized S13 coilovers was not bad whatsoever. In addition to that, the interior is minimalistic, though tim has added quite an array of gauges to the car. The original steering wheel is still set up, a nice touch that I appreciated for its retro charm. Everything inby way of a modest SR20DET swap using the usual supporting mods. The GT28RS is a great-sized turbo for this particular application. It’s not too crazy, but just a good way to get good quality power for a fun street car. Tim has additionally utilized custom-fabricated fittings and lines, as well as a custom fuel cell with a 255-lph Walbro electronic fuel pump. I decided to put on my art-fart hat and strive to shoot Tim’s car through passing traffic. I wanted to indicate this car in an accurate way; Tim drives his Z at all times and is not afraid to park it and allow it be seen. He likes to use his car rather than let it sit and waste away.

As the day drew into a close, Tim asked me basically if i would like to come inside and take a tour of the Rescue Mission. I, of course, accepted his offer, and I’m really glad I have done. After we have been outside from the muggy summer heat for hours on end, Tim was still in perfectly high spirits since we walked round the facility. He told me regarding how he left a corporate job several years ago and took this job for about half his previous salary-and that he wouldn’t change that for anything. Tim loves what he does, as well as the people he helps love him consequently. This car is one way that Tim has been able to channel his helping and hopeful spirit into another venue, and I’m incredibly satisfied that I got the opportunity to photograph his Z and go on a peek into his inspiring and unique world for just one day. Go say hello to Tim if you’re ever in Portland and see a bright-blue 240Z rolling around. You’ll be glad you didvents, door and locksDarrell, skills and Dennis Desper, my supercool wife, Janine, for letting me have car time, and all sorts of the guys who supported DIY builds.

Stuff To Watch For When Buying a Pre-Owned Motor

Many people just can’t afford the asking price on a new car (even with the great deals at San Bernardino Nissan), which means that they need to turn to the pre-owned car market when they need to change their pair of wheels. Actually, they’ve got some great pre-owned cars there too, have a look at metronissanredlands.com. Anyway, that aside, here are a few tips which can help to ensure that you get a good deal.


Test Driving

You should never buy a used car without taking a test drive, but don’t think that a fast up and down the road will be plenty because it won’t. Consider the car onto both local roads and a few highways to discover how it handles and feels in numerous situations. The neighborhood roads will enable you to know how the vehicle responds at lower speeds with shifts and sharp turns, brakes etc. and taking it for a run on the highway will give you some indication of handling at higher speeds. Pay close attention to any unusual sounds from the engine or perhaps the bodywork.

Leak Testing

Cars which have pools of leaked fluid beneath them are supplying you with a warning sign that repairs are needed and should be avoided. Make sure to pull up onto a clean piece of road when you go for the test drive, sit to get a minute or more and then move away to find out if anything has leaked out. Black puddles could indicate an oil leak, green puddles could be such as anti-freeze and pink fluid could imply that the transmission is leaking.



Be sure you do a little bit of research on the make and model of car you are considering. The internet is really a terrific method to obtain information and you will be able to discover any common defects and problems on particular makes and models of car. You need to be able to have a very good indication of whether the selling price is fair or whether you will be paying too much for that car that can affect its re-sale value down the road.

Mechanical Inspection

Unless you are a qualified mechanic yourself (and if so, why are you reading this? ) you ought to take a car for a mechanical inspection before agreeing to any purchase. The relatively minor cost of this inspection can save you lots of money later on.

Take Your Time

Don’t jump in too quickly to make any purchase, and also this is particularly true when you are purchasing a used car. Isn’t that the things they say should you run to buy you will will sell? Make certain that you’ve done lots of homework and research about negotiate the most effective price you possibly can to make certain that you get a great deal.


History Report

Check the history report of the vehicle, this can reveal any potential problems and queries within its past. If there are any title problems, service points or whether or not the car has been involved in any previous accidents, the history report will show you.

The Aesthetics

At the end of the day, no matter how good an arrangement you must be completely happy and comfortable using the car. The condition of a car both on the inside as well as the outside can easily make a huge difference towards the value along with the way you “feel” regarding the car. Although you may be happy to pay a little less to get a car with a fender bender, lots of dirt and rust can indicate problems in the future.

2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII – Seduced By Spool


Everyone remembers his or her first ride in a turbocharged car. If it was with a parent or friend or simply a chance spin around the block with an acquaintance at a car gathering, it’s hard to ignore the feeling of being pressed hard into the rear of your seat while hearing the psshh sound of air being force-fed throughout the turbo and into the engine’s throttle-body.

Although that first experience is a memorable one for most of us, it’s safe to say it was a total game changer for Walker Morgan. Walker’s first taste of boost came from a ’73 Datsun 240Z by using a 280ZX engine swap. From the time he felt what a turbocharged engine was capable of, he knew he had to have one for himself. Soon after this initial encounter, Walker picked up a ’77 Datsun 280Z of his own with the exact same turbocharged engine. This is when his love of boosted engines really began to blossom. So, much so, in reality, that he made a decision to leave his dreams of completing college to turn into a veterinarian to opt for pursuing an automotive-related career. Let’s just say that my initial plans to become a veterinarian went up in smoke, much like the tires on that old Datsun, he recalls.

Walker left college behind and picked up employment as a technician at a local Z-car performance shop. By both taking care of customer cars and his own, his knowledge and knowledge of turbocharger systems and engines generally began to grow. At the expense of several unfortunate short-blocks and drivetrain components as you go along, Walker had built himself a boosted Z that does not many other vehicles on the road could touch. I was absolutely dependent on the sound of a turbo spooling. From that point forward, Walker was never without having a turbocharged car. At some point he attempt to be happy with a ’97 BMW M3 by adding a few simple bolt-ons, but within the first six months of ownership, he had added a complete turbo setup on the car.a story like this minus the mention of one or more Mitsubishi vehicle. Walker ended up being a fan of Mitsus for a while, and also at one point he enjoyed the AWD and turbocharged combination provided by the Galant VR4. In the event the Lancer Evolution was ever offered inside the States, he knew he would have to have one. As we know, that dream became a reality for many Mitsubishi enthusiasts during the early 2000s. In 2004, Walker flew to Dallas to purchase the only Evolution without a sunroof within a 1,000-mile radius of his home. And just like that, the build was on.

With his new Evo home in the garage, Walker set out to build by far the most enjoyable car he has ever owned. The initial aspect of the car that would have to be addressed was, needless to say, the turbo setup. The stock turbo was ditched in favor of an HTA3076 T3 turbocharger, the centerpiece of any complete turbo kit designed and created by Walker’s own shop, Morgan Performance Fabrication. Additional supporting accessories from MPFab include a stunning and beautifully crafted 321 stainless-steel twin-scroll exhaust manifold, a 3.5-inch downpipe, and a custom intercooler core with piping.

With reliability and usable power being the key goals for this particular car, the engine internals were beefed up via MAPerformance rods, Wiseco standard-bore pistons, and ACL race bearings to ensure everything would hold together. Walker’s well-thought-out and designed setup nets 541 455 and whp wtq while using standard 93-octane pump gas, which he tuned himself via ECU flash. It could only detract from how usable the powerband is, although I’ve had brief stints where I thought about putting a larger turbo onto it and making ridiculous power. This allows me to drive kids to school, make passes at the dragstrip, or turn some quick laps times around a road course, Walker explains. Though he or she is still tweaking it in some places, the guts of this setup have been virtually unchanged since 2005-a proof ofgreater than 400 ponies to the pavement is only going to be as reliable as its drivetrain will allow. Although the Lancer Evolution is sometimes criticized for its rather fragile gearbox and drivetrain components, you won’t run into some of those durability issues here. Walker installed a famed ShepTrans rebuilt Evo VIII five-speed transmission, beefed up and fortified with adding an Evo IX First gear. A Spec single-disc push-conversion clutch kit filled with hydraulic release bearing as well as a Tilton clutch master cylinder was included in guarantee an effortless transfer of power in the engine for the wheels.

When turbo junkies set out to create a boosted monster, they generally overlook some very important aspects of a safe and well-handling car-much like the suspension and braking systems. Walker is certainly a meticulous builder who rarely skimps about the details when you haven’t caught on by now. This Evo has been outfitted with Baer Racing two-piece Eradi-Speed slotted brake rotors, Axxis ultimate brake pads, and stainless-steel brake lines on all four corners, bringing the fun to some halt quickly if the need arises. A set of Nitto NT05 tires provide a nice, sticky contact patch to enable the brakes to do their work effectively.

On the handling side of things, some Stance GR coilovers with 10K springs all around make for an Evo that handles even better than it did from the factory. A pair of pretty trick looking titanium DC Sports strut tower braces tie together important points on the chassis without adding a large weight penalty. Polyurethane bushings from AMS as well asobsessed with performance, Walker’s Evo is able to look damn good doing it. The exterior has been spiced on top of a variety of subtle components that most flow very nicely together. The large factory trunk spoiler has been ditched in favor of a much less conspicuous Rexpeed carbon-fiber lip spoiler, keeping airflow in check alongside the APR carbon-fiber rear diffuser. The carbon-fiber theme continues in front of the car via a set of Rexpeed front bumper ducts, a front lip spoiler, and a hood vent. A set of stunning Forgeline ZX3-R 18×9.5-inch wheels with titanium hardware nicely completes the car’s menacing appearance.

The cockpit on this Evolution is left virtually unchanged. The factory Recaro seats and MOMO steering wheel have been retained, and even the stock shift knob still resides here. Why mess with a good thing, right? One of the most noticeable addition to the interior is actually a Zeitronics wide-band AFR gauge and a trio of gauges from STRI to monitor important engine information. Should Walker ever tire of the noise of his turbo spooling (we doubt he will), an Alpine head unit, five-channel amplifier, and MB Quart 8-inch subwoofer provide some tunes after having a long day at the shop.

So there you have it. What began as a seemingly harmless ride in a friend’s turbo Datsun has blossomed into one beautifully crafted and well-performing Evo effective at daily daddy duty, tearing up the track, or winning a car show without a hiccup along the way. Walker’s obsession with boost may have turned his life plans upside down, but he has certainly managed to build a very successful fabrication business-and some awesome cars, this way one, along the way.455 and whp wtq (93-octane)

Special Thanks My Sharlotte, parents and Robert Morgan, for not disowning me as i said I found myself dropping out of college to travel work on cars; Ira Weissinger and Steve Whitaker of Foreign Automotive Technicians for sharing a great deal of knowledge regarding Z cars and helping me keep my first turbo car on the road; Reed Patridge of labor Turbochargers for giving me my first job building turbos and working on several of the baddest cars; Mywife and Kathryn, for believing in me enough to help me open my own shop; Phil Sohn for helping me get in this mag; Danny Spittery of Assaultech.com for hooking me with incredible pricing on go-fast parts; Danny Smith and David Norton of Spec for providing me using the clutch.

2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe – First Drive


Some will argue there’s no logical necessity for the new BMW M6 Gran Coupe. The M5 has you covered if you need the ultimate four-door M. Fancy something sportier? Well, what about the M6 Coupe and Convertible? All share the same engine and most of the same chassis parts, and yet the M6 Gran Coupe is really a welcome addition that might can make the others redundant.

There are no surprises inside the make-up of your M6 Gran Coupe. It can be, to all intents and purposes, a stretched M6 Coupe. That means an additional 4.4 of metal between the wheels, enough to slot inside an extra door on both sides, making access to the rear seats easier, and giving those occupants lots more room to stretch outpossible buyers might not be swayed by such practicalities. They’re more likely to be attracted by the styling – and who can blame them? The regular 6 Series Gran Coupe is an elegant machine, and that’s not lost in translation to M6 guise. However it has a dose of menace that’s unmistakably from the school of M car design.

Up front you will find larger air intakes plus a bespoke kidney grille, complemented by high-end Adaptive LED lights with a unique signature. About the fenders, behind the arch-filling 20 rims, are characteristic gills, while the rear view is dominated by a quad-pipe layout. They attract the onlooker to the carbon fiber diffuser, which can be matched towards the carbon roof. It appears damned good regardless, though no doubt, there seemed to be talk about weight saving as well as a lower center of gravity.

The same can be stated for the cockpit. All Gran Coupes include an opulent cabin, although the M-specific accessories raise the bar. Allowing three modes for individual sub-systems like the power steering, throttle map, stability control, damping and transmission calibration endows the Gran Coupe with the impressive breadth of ability, although some won’t like the bewildering selection of driver customization options.

2014 BMW M6 gran coupe gauge cluster

2014 BMW M6 gran coupe glove box

2014 BMW M6 gran coupe center console

Thankfully, like the M5 and M6, a favorite shortcut can be grouped together under one of two pre-set programs, which can be selected via buttons on the slim-rimmed steering wheel. Amusingly, if your selection includes “DSC off” the automobile asks for confirmation before relinquishing control. “Are you really sure you want to do that? ”

Leave everything in Comfort mode and the M6 glides demurely. Otherwise the seven-speed M DCT dual-clutch transmission gives smooth changes and is keen to be in high gears inside a bid to save lots of fuel, although the exhaust barks at start-up.

The suspension, despite being forced to disguise low-profile tires, does a very good job of absorbing whatever the road surface can throw at it, leaving the car comfortable and relaxing to drive. It’s still comfy enough for long distance cruising, though admittedly, it’s firmer than lesser Gran Coupe models.

Proceed to the other extreme, with all settings in Sport Plus, as well as the M6 comes alive. Response from the engine changes from rapid to searing, as well as the V8 twin-turbo makes a unique turbine-like roar as it hurtles towards the redline. That’s when you notice the M-specific shift lights and, if you’ve taken control, you’ll flick the correct-hand paddle to prompt the following ratio to bang into position – and it’s nothing short of ferocious since it does so.a good corner as well as the brakes do a great job of hauling on the Gran Coupe from speed; the throttle is blipped automatically on each downshift. Admittedly, our test car was fitted with the optional carbon-ceramic stoppers, which aren’t cheap. The M6 is supremely stable, the longer wheelbase aiding composure.

Fortunately, its length doesn’t compromise the fun to be had. And despite an arsenal of cutting-edge safety driver and electronics aids, the M6 Gran Coupe is very engaging to operate a vehicle hard. It lets you think you’re partially responsible for the insane cornering speeds, even though it may be doing everything for you personally.

The regular Gran Coupe is among our favorite GTs, with its athletic body, intimate cabin and accessible performance. The M6 version adds brutal performance to that mix, creating a four-door musclecar with luxurious appointments for rear passengers, opulence up front in addition to the engine and chassis of a racecar. If you’re not concerned about weight and are looking for a luxury sport car, the new M6 Gran Coupe has to be on the shopping list.If you’ve had the opportunity to step behind the scenes at HaSport, found in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, there are a few things that probably jumped right out at you, @@@@@ . First and foremost, the wall-to-wall parts, engines, and also the remains of countless Honda carcasses strewn about. You may have also noticed several dusty race cars from various generations; some complete, some not so complete, and others barely flirting with the potential of being next on the operating table. While Brian Gillespie, HaSport’s chief development and marketing guru, would prefer to focus on race cars morning, noon, and night, the engine mount business comes first. Reaching a fever pitch over the past couple of years, Gillespie has already established little time to dedicate to his stable of track cars. Even HaSport felt the crunch of a faltering economy that put a stranglehold around the automotive aftermarket, as successful as the company has been within the last 14 years. Though it could tough it all out, the pressure was enough to set this K-swapped track car on the back burner…until now.

Before the Prelude was even a thought, the engine the thing is pictured, an ERL-built K24A4, sat nicely between the fenders of a ’01 Civic sedan. Plans to take on the four-door halted rather quickly as Gillespie had his doubts about the MacPherson strut suspension serving as a great basis for a formidable track weapon. Gillespie adds, “I spoke with Bernardo Martinez, and he suggested a mid-’90s Prelude. One of many reasons being that its large wheel arches will allow for wider, more aggressive wheels and tires without resorting to flared arches. We eventually found an ex-World Challenge car owned by SCCA Club Racer Dwight Kelly. The car originally belonged to Taz Harvey, and in 1996, he was narrowly defeated in the World Challenge T2 Driver’s Championship by RealTime Racing’s Prelude. Only two points separated them.”

Getting the tips for an excellent chassis for the build that lay ahead, Gillespie and crew transported the auto back to HaSport where they did anything they always use expert precision; they swapped the engine. The K24 was nestled comfortably in the new home for which seemed like only moments before Full-Race put together a custom turbo kit to abuse the ERL-built mill. Based on a Garrett GT3076R, Full-Race took care of all the cooling and piping duties and supplied one of its race-proven exhaust manifolds. Next, they paid a visit to Joe Sawyer of Locash Racing so he could work his tuning magic, the effect of which was an easy graph topping out at 500 hp. Doing its best to placed the power to the ground is an RSX Type S transmission built with a Clutch Masters Stage IV clutch and Mugen 1.5 way differential.

Hasport 1995 honda prelude air redirection panels

Hasport 1995 honda prelude andy hope

Hasport 1995 honda prelude hondata church engine bay

With the project moving along so well, everyone was caught off guard since the momentum was slapped in the actual face. Gillespie adds, “It was shipped to Bernardo [Martinez] for more fab. It was in 2009, and due to the souring economy, the project was put on the back burner.” Though there have been short flashes of progress along the way, Gillespie admits it was slow. “The stock brake system was changed to Wilwood’s top-mount pedal assemblies as well as a dual master cylinder setup for better brake bias control. The rollcage was modified and so the driver seat could be moved back to better fit the brake pedal changes. The fuel system was upgraded for the big-horsepower turbo motor with a total of four fuel pumps feeding the engine. Complete replumbing of brake lines, boost control, and all wiring. That’s regarding it during that time.”

In The Year 2011, as the economy finally started to turn around, at the very least in the performance aftermarket world, HaSport’s mount kits were flying off the shelves at breakneck speeds, and the project was resurrected. An influx of new business meant new machines being added to the HaSport compound, including a water jet, TIG and MIG welders, and sheetmetal-bending capabilities. Under the consultation and watchful eye of renowned aerodynamicist John McNulty, the Prelude was treated to a number of aero enhancements solely focused on functionality and efficiency. A custom-built wing, radiator shrouding, side skirts, and rear diffuser were incorporated. Andy Hope of Circuit Monsters fame hand-laid his patented vinyl wrapped graphics scheme just days before a set of Rays Gram Lights 57DR wheels from Mackin Industries arrived. To match the performance of the fully built Prelude, a collection of Toyo Proxes RS1 competition slicks were mounted and stenciled.

According to Gillespie, the automobile is ready to do battle. He states, “It’s ready for the track now, though the big challenge will likely be putting all 500 hp to the ground-additional tuning will be handled by Church Automotive Testing. The car’s computer is Hondata’s K-Pro, and we’ll be utilizing their gear-dependent boost controller along with Hondata’s new traction control system.” Gillespie is positive about the car’s ability, once all of the intricacies are sorted out on track. Furnished with 500 hp, virgin slicks, and between the three of those Gillespie and Bernardo, and Hope), a pool of knowledge and experience that runs deeper than most, Gillespie closes comfortably with this particular, “Rest assured, track records will fall.”

Hasport 1995 honda prelude toyo proxes RS1

Hasport 1995 honda prelude sparco seats

Hasport 1995 honda prelude fuel tank

Owner Specs

Daily Grind


Favorite Sites

HaSport.com and hondatuningmagazine.com

Screen Name


Building Hondas

Long, looong time

Dream Car

Any car which can be swapped

Inspiration for This Build

The need for speed!

Future Builds

How much time are you experiencing?

Hasport 1995 honda prelude MOMO controls

Hasport 1995 honda prelude motion suspension remote damper

Hasport 1995 honda prelude fluid containers

Bolts & Washers



HaSport mounts

ERL Performance machine work

CP Pistons 9.: 1

Brian Crower rods

Brian Crower cams

Brian Crower valves

Brian Crower valvesprings

Garrett GT3076R

Full-Race exhaust manifold

Full-Race intercooler

Full-Race piping

Full-Race 3-inch exhaust

Walbro internal fuel pump x2

Bosch external fuel pump x2

RC 1,000 injectors

Bosch fuel filter

AEM fuel pressure regulator

CSF radiator, DC/EG/EK version

RSX Type S transmission

Clutch Masters Stage IV

Clutch Masters flywheel

Mugen 1.5 way diff


500 hp


Moton coilovers

Moton shocks

HaSport custom bushings

HaSport custom alignment

HaSport custom front subframe

HaSport custom front radius rods

Wheels & Tires

Rays Gram Lights 57DR, 18×8.5 38

Toyo Proxes RS1, 245/640-18 (full slick)


Wilwood calipers

Fastbrakes discs

Fastbrakes brackets

Carbonetic pads

Custom brake lines

Wilwood dual master cylinder


Custom front bumper

HaSport splitter

HaSport diffuser

HaSport side skirts

HaSport rear wing

Circuit Monsters vinyl wrap


Interior paint by Bernardo Martinez

Sparco seats

MOMO controls

HaSport shift knob

Wilwood pedal assembly


Hondata K-Pro

Hondata boost controller

Hondata traction control

Hondata datalogger

AIM datalogger

AIM gauges


ERL Performance, Brian Crower, CP Pistons, Full-Race, Fastbrakes, CSF Radiator, Church Automotive Testing, Locash Racing, Mackin Industries, Toyo Tires, Nacho Speed Garage

Hasport 1995 honda prelude rear wrap

Hasport 1995 honda prelude front vinyl wrap

Hasport 1995 honda prelude rays gramlights 570R

In Search Of Function

Gillespie and crew are looking for absolute performance using this build, so when mentioned, aerodynamicist John McNulty played a major role in the search for the right amount of downforce. The wing, a McNulty original design, mounts right to brackets that transfer downforce to the chassis of the Prelude. The front splitter mounts right to the chassis as well, utilizing adjustable brackets so that its height may be fine-tuned anytime. The rear diffuser is also installed on adjustable brackets and will eventually be integrated into a complete flat bottom piece. The low-hanging side skirts were designed to take advantage of the downforce produced by the spiraling vortices coming off the wheels. This car wasn’t just thrown together, as you’ve probably figured out by now. Every part serves a definitive purpose.

Things Not To Do For An Enjoyable Road Trip

We’re always reading about the stuff you should do to make something good even better, but exactly how about taking a look at things from your other angle just for something different? There are some things which you must never do if you want to possess a road visit to remember for the best reasons, and here these are.

Don’t leave home in a hurry – okay, it might be good to be spontaneous but realistically, don’t leave home in a mega rush. Make sure that you give yourself a minimum of an hour to create plans before you decide to dive behind the wheel and set off down the road. Before you leave it, this will make sure that you’ve got a few essential items with your and you house will be secured and locked. Occur, it might not sound like much fun but surely it’s much better than getting a couple of hours down the line and remembering that the door is wide open and you’ve forgotten your contact lens solution.

Don’t binge on excessive coffee – this is one of the easiest mistakes to make. You may think that drinking coffee will assist you to stay awake but additionally, it may make you jumpy and a bit bit weird . . . which is not good when you’re in close proximity to your friends who have also binged on the caffeine.


Drive the wrong vehicle – the kind of vehicle you take can really help to help make or break your road trip. Looking to cram five people in a small vehicle and drive throughout the night can be a recipe for disaster. Have a look at costa mesa fiat for several idea of the sort of vehicle you should utilize in the ideal situation and do your very best. Check out www.ocfiat.com for a few examples.


Don’t forget a few snacks – this really is another reason reasons why you shouldn’t rush out without a little bit of forward planning. Unless you intend to pull over at each single gas station and truck stop, ensure that you’ve got plenty of snacks with you. Pick your snacks carefully though – ice-cream is a definitely no no and anything which is particularly smelly or messy also need to be avoided, specifically if you are all pretty cramped up in the first place.

Speeding is unquestionably not required – never mind showing off facing your buddies revving your engine at the lights and doing 360 spins . . . it’s not big and it’s not clever, and it’s definitely not safe. It can end in tears and something getting broken . . . probably the car.


Don’t permit the wrong person take control of the playlist – this is one of the most significant makers or breakers when it comes to a successful road trip. The best mix of tunes can help the miles to roll by or look like an endless journey. The responsibility of playlists really should not be given to someone whose concept of good music is the latest film soundtrack or the Carpenters Greatest Hits . . . no offence meant to the Carpenters but you know what I mean. You need a good selection of music for everybody to take pleasure from rather than the same old stuff on repeat.

If necessary, Don’t forget to consider plenty of breaks – such as a night or two within a motel. If you have an automobile full of uncomfortable passengers screaming down your ear it’s never going to be a good idea, it could be tempting to transport on regardless until you reach your destination but.

Take advantage of the journey . . .

1992 Honda Civic Si – Clean Slate


Terminology plays a huge role in our tuning community. Facts are usually spread through person to person and whatever we read on the Internet, though everything we do as being a hobby is based heavily about what we see. You can find those who are very picky with the words they utilize and some who just often toss terms around with little good care of whether or not they are spreading misinformation. Like the cars themselves, there are actually the purists who follow the unwritten handbook of how to state and do things, and those that just don’t seem to care at all. Within this “handbook”, one of several words most often misused and overly verbalized is the acronym JDM. For the past decade, enthusiasts young and old took the term JDM and butchered it. When a very underground term has become as mainstream as it gets what was. People toss it around, believing that it describes a car or perhaps a particular method of building it, when its original definition has nothing to do with either. JDM, needless to say, stands for Japanese Domestic Market, indicating that a particular vehicle or part is from Japan’s own sales and trade market. Today, the term is commonly used everywhere to describe anything. The truth is a part you’ve never heard of? It’s JDM. The vehicle is lowered on wheels? It’s JDM. Some have even gone as far as to label their cars as JDM when they don’t even possess anything remotely in the Land of your Rising Sun.

Another popular expression that has essentially lost all and then any meaning within our import-tuning dictionary is the term clean. When a highly touted compliment has recently become the generic response for anyone who is asked how they feel about a car build which they may or may not like what was. You yourself have most likely encountered a situation where someone has asked you what you think, and fearing the backlash of expressing your true feelings, you deliver the universally accepted response, “It’s clean.” Telling someone who his car is clean is now a polite, diplomatic way of not saying anything in any way. It shouldn’t be that way though. Clean used to mean something; it meant that you built your car right. It wasn’t overly modded and consisted of parts that left your build with a timeless quality regarding thisways to wipe the slate clean (pun totally intended) and reintroduce the terminology to the community correctly, this Milano Red Civic hatchback would have been a great visual interpretation of the items clean is. The owner, Jorge Ortiz, is no stranger to Hondas. In reality, this is his fifth Honda endeavor. Though we weren’t familiar with his previous builds, we knew right away this was possibly one of the cleanest Hondas we had experienced. He informs us that autobody and paint are a hobby of his, and it shows; the attention to detail along with his skill together with the paint gun are very evident.

“Every vehicle that I’ve ever owned has been a Honda,” Jorge says. “I’ve wanted one ever since high school graduation and bought my first Honda in 2004. A couple of years ago, I needed to locate a new daily driver, but none of the newer-model Hondas appealed to me-so I just decided to build my own. The objective was to get the reliability of an older-model Honda with the strength of a new one, plus it all just came together.”

It took some searching, but Jorge could acquire this ’92 Honda Civic Si that was well-maintained, and more importantly, enjoyed a clean title. He was competent in paint and body thus it wasn’t a difficulty, though the body needed some minor work due to its aging. To achieve the power of a newer Honda, Jorge procured a minimal-mileage K20Z3 motor from an eighth-generation Civic Si. Being that his intentions were to maintain a street-able daily cruiser, there aren’t many modifications performed about the motor itself. He’s added an R-Crew header and bolt-on Password: It is otherwise as stock like a K-swapped Honda can be, although jDM intake. All of the factory engine covers from a K-motor have been retained to make the swap look as OEM as possible. For the untrained eye, one could imagine this being completely factory-built. He has even added an OEM Civic Type R muffler to preserve that stock-ish appearance. Living in California, the last thing you want to do is get caught up with a K-swapped Honda, so it is vital for Jorge’s Civic to search unassuming and alsoIn most cases, it matches the execution of the engine bay, though a Next Miracle X-bar and bolt-in rollcage might draw some unwanted attention. Additions come as factory Honda optional components mixed with a restricted number of aftermarket products. A Personal steering wheel, NRG quick release, and Skunk2 shift knob blend well with the 25th Anniversary interior. A JL Audio subwoofer has also been seamlessly integrated into the trunk to reduce the need for a bulky sub box.

Visually, the exterior of Jorge’s Civic is really a Honda purist’s dream. The complete shell has become massaged, eliminating all body flaws before you apply fresh coats of Honda’s signature red hue, R81 Milano Red. The classic tone is offset with carbon Kevlar pieces from Backyard Special. Bringing the entire ride height down a couple of inches is a set of Tein SS dampers. Seated in each wheelwell are timeless Mugen MF10s paired with twin-block stoppers in advance from Spoon Sports. “the devil is in the details,” so Jorge has gone far to source the proper Mugen valve lug and stems nuts to match his wheels, as the saying goes.

Nowadays, it is almost cliché to express that a build is “clean”. Once did and it’s a shame because there really isn’t a better word to describe Jorge’s Civic the term lacks the impact which it. The overall build is remarkably simple nevertheless the execution is the reason why this Honda special. For the unwise, it’s just another Honda that is seeking to be JDM (whatever it means). For the privileged enthusiasts who understand the nuances and appreciate everything that accompany building a timeless Honda, there is only one word that accurately defines this Civic-and well, you already know what that is.

2014 Bentley Flying Spur – First Drive


Objects from the mirror might be closer compared to they appear and, in this instance, things are all too close for comfort amid the maelstrom of traffic. The sharp detail lines tapering over the rear fenders on the Spur’s new pinched rear-end are in serious danger being punctuated by damaging connection with the traffic.

Beijing, China in a $200500 cocoon of serenity among the chaos of daily road users makes it easy to learn why China’s elite are purchasing Bentleys such large numbers. The supple leather, as well as the turned metal and veneered surfaces offer respite in the madness outside.

The old Continental Flying Spur never sat particularly comfortably. Too near the GT coupe, the styling was too similar, making it look like the coupe had been unceremoniously stretched into four doors.

No such accusations may be levelled on the new Flying Spur. The modification of styling direction gives greater separation from the GT, even though bentley even dropped the Continental name to distance it further.

Merely modified it, although the link is obvious; Bentley didn’t dispose of its DNA with all the Spur.wider, lower and Longer, the Spur is a lot more assertive, sharper. The creases down its flanks are really sharp Bentley altered its manufacturing strategies to create them. And the bold front grille, with its glorious detailed mesh, underlines the company’s awareness of detail.

There’s some deco to its looks. The confidence to mix curves with defined lines and intricate detailing delineates the Flying Spur from mainstream luxury sedans from BMW, Audi and Mercedes.

Previously alone, the Spur now shares its price bracket, being pinched from above and below. Mercedes-Benz’s Dr Zetsche is on record saying the S-Class will span looking at the existing base to the rarefied bracket where Rolls-Royce exists. The Flying Spur sits in the middle, with its $200k price tag (bank on spending at least 10% more on options) so that it is appear like conspicuously good value.

You only need to spend a few seconds inside the Spur to understand why it eclipses its volume luxury rivals. The hand stitched finish on the beautiful leather is both a visual and tactile treat. The wood veneers, richly polished to a mirror finish, are likewise an exercise in futility to resist touching the smooth surface. If you’ve optioned it, and the Flying Spur is actually a sensual overload, add cool machine and chrome-turned metal.

2014 bentley flying spur front cabin

2014 bentley flying spur mobile app

2014 bentley flying spur rear seating

It’s quiet too. Significantly more so than the previous model. Bentley has suppressed extraneous noise, with the 6.-liter twin-turbocharged W12 only heard when pushing the accelerator deep in to the carpet.

Billing the Flying Spur as the most powerful Bentley sedan – the W12’s 616hp betters the Mulsanne’s output, however its 590 lb-ft isn’t capable of match the flagship model’s 740 lb-ft.

Those figures manifest in the -60mph time of 4.3sec as well as the headline 200mph top speed. It’s AMG performance, but despite an effortless capability to change velocity quickly, Bentley admits the Flying Spur has changed from a once overtly sporting sedan to a more luxurious conveyance. As a result, the Flying Spur’s time-bending pace is a by-product of its breeding more than its focus.

That’s immediately evident when entering Beijing traffic. The Spur’s response was more measured and calmer than before, through the slick efficiency with which the new eight-speed automatic deals with its numerous ratios, to its reaction to the accelerator pedal when you flex your right ankle.

Never totally losing its initial resistance, although the steering, curiously heavy and leaden at manoeuvring speeds, lightens once moving. It detracts at more normal speeds, despite the fact that no doubt the weighting aids stability when approaching the double century.The Flying Spur’s rates are 15% softer, although it’s rare that a manufacturer admits dialling back suspension settings. The adjustments also include bushings that are 25-38% more compliant. Also robbed the car of some of its roll control, even in the firmest from the four damper settings, even though this has removed the harder edge ride for a more supple suspension. The Flying Spur certainly feels more luxurious than sporting within the bends.

This really is all relative, of course. The Flying Spur will still hustle if you’re in the mood. The power continues to be delivered to all-four wheels, although with a greater 40/60 rearward bias, although there’s more initial roll when turning-in, and pitch on braking or acceleration. Not really that you’d know it… the Spur’s nose being the first to give up grip, signalled by protest from the front tires rather than with the steering. To reach that point, the Spur is travelling faster than most drivers will need, and any passenger in the back will desire. If speed is your aim, Bentley’s inevitable Flying Spur Speed model will satiate hardcore desires.

The Flying Spur is really a confident change of direction for a brave new world, as it stands. It works. It remains an exclusive proposition at its price point, and a better car for not chasing outright dynamic ability but concentrating on luxury, comfort and refinement.

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